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Visit our monthly photo gallery collection that contains the lovely, sexy and beautiful ladies of Angeles City nightlife party and your favorite Angeles City bars and nightclubs in the entertainment district of Balibago.To the millions of travelers who visit here, Angeles City is a natural and untamed place where almost anything is fun to do.After 5 days, the villagers decided to search through the jungles surrounding the community themselves.Among the villagers who joined the search party was Daiane Carmo Macedo’s stepfather, 37 year old Rosivan Martins Rocha nicknamed Baixinho (Shorty) who pretended to search for the girl like he really meant it. maybe she will love me more”.’ A was only 13 when her mother revealed her plans, and just 14 when the humiliating and painful ordeal of the insemination ‘programme’ began.Remarkably, it was only by becoming a mother herself that A found the strength to stand up to the maternal bullying she had suffered.Nurses knew she planned to give her baby to her mother to raise, but were worried by her mother’s aggressive behaviour, including a refusal to let A breastfeed her baby, saying: ‘We don’t want any of that attachment thing.’Midwives raised the alarm when the mother tried to take the newborn baby from the ward, and A later confided in a family friend about her ordeal.All four children were taken into care and the mother was charged with child cruelty.

Turned out Daiane Carmo Macedo was raped by her own stepfather who confessed to rape, but implicated his neighbor – 43 year old Raimundo Alves da Costa nicknamed Nezico as orchestrator of girl’s murder. The court heard the American-born mother, who cannot be named to protect the identities of her three adopted children and her grandson – the child born to her daughter, chose to be sterilised in 2001 so she did not pass her diabetes on to any children.She wrote: ‘I desire to win the Thunderball jackpot of £500,000 and for A to conceive and carry Kelia to term for birth in April.’ In October that year, A became pregnant and she gave birth to a son in June 2011, after a difficult labour which left her needing surgery.Little did the villagers know at the time that he was the very man behind her disappearance.Thorough search eventually lead to the discovery of the girl’s body near the road known as Ramal do Araticu, in the Santo Antônio community in rural Barcarena.

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