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And people lost their heads when it turned out that loads of us have very real racial prejudices when it comes to choosing a partner.One white woman even went so far as to say that she didn’t want to date a black guy because his ‘nose was flaring’.When we were in Toronto we noticed a troubling trend and one that many other people learned to find out, we were getting an excessive amount of Asian men seeking dating coaches and even a higher number that expressed their feelings about being rejected for their race.I would come to find out over the years that Asian men actually face some negative stereotypes in Western Society but I found that in places like the West Coast of the USA and NYC, there were plenty of Asian men dating White women.With the release of Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft 2 just around the corner, Tran encourages men to spend their on something more productive – such as a date or night out socializing.To further his cause, Tran is heading to San Francisco for the July 27 release of Starcraft 2 at SC2Bay Area's Mission Bay Conference Center (UCSF) launch party to convince men to put down the computer games and re-enter the dating game.Now I know some of you will get angry and say "well why can't they stick to their own kind or date women of other races, why does it have to be White women" but I will talk about something else here.Another thing that a lot of Asian men told me is that most Asian girls born and raised in Canada prefer not to go for Asian men and plus in my opinion it is always good to have options, I personally think an attractive male that is Asian, Westernized, and has a lot going for him should be able to date any race of women including White women.

It’s when an Asian man takes more risks, becomes more dominant, learns to socialize, and overall takes a more active role in his life when he becomes more attractive to all women.“While we enjoy the fantasy-reality that these games give us, they keep us from socializing with other people,” Tran said.“I have found this is particularly true for Asian men, especially with regards to Starcraft 2 and it's stranglehold in the Korean social life.” JT Tran is a top relationship and confidence expert who, as featured on ABC and other national media, has trained Fortune 500 professionals, corporate executives, political activists and actors alike on how to improve their confidence over one weekend.This idea of playing it safe is something that’s taught to Asian men at a young age.This is a large reason for why many Asian men are successful at their careers.

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