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Tejas Networks offer pay-as-you-grow business model where its clients purchase its products/services incrementally as needed.Tejas Networks Ltd have filed 326 patent applications, with 198 filings in India, 87 filings in the United States and 6 filings in Europe, out of which 47 patents have been granted.When a prospectus is issued then a date of formation of prospectus is written on the prospectus this date is known as date of prospectus.The date of prospectus is relevant for issue of securities hence every prospectus must have a date.

Tejas Networks build hardware and software products related to optical and data networking.Incorporated in year 2000, Tejas Networks Ltd is Bangalore based optical and data networking products company.Trjas design, develop and sell products to telecommunications service providers, internet service providers, utility companies, defense companies and government entities in India and over 60 countries.Your Board of Directors has transitioned well from FY 2016 to 2017 and has a dedicated team working on Optimal Team Practice (OTP), collaborating with physician colleagues with the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) and county medical societies, and attending hearings to testify on behalf of our profession to inform our colleagues, legislators and other law makers of WAPA’s position on various topics.More We are dedicated to the promotion of our profession and need your support for its continued growth.

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After vetting a final prospectus is prepared and copies of the final prospectus are again given to the ROC, SEBI and Stock exchanges.

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