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The couple first met back in 2002 at Chris’s bar The Cutting Room where Tara used to work, and spent nearly a decade together before tying the knot. Nearly a dozen couples who have looked beyond the color of their skin to find true love, and have made it work despite the unsaid judgment they faced from society!

We could use more people like them, who can teach us what it is to truly love someone!

Regardless of color, sexuality, gender and any other details that would have been extremely scandalous in the not so recent past.

The actor of "Spartacus" who was 39-year-old, died in 2011 in Sydney, Australia, of a lymphoma.

Whitfield left behind his wife, Vashti, and two children.

In Australia he worked as an engineering abseiler examining buildings such as the Sydney Opera House for potential problems.

After taking an acting course, he became a well-known face in adverts and landed the lead in the gothic action thriller Gabriel in 2006.

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